We help market stallholders sell more on event day.

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Stall Marketing Workshop

ONLY $79.

Take your market stall to the next level with our Stall Marketing Workshop. It’s tailored for stallholders who have their stall operations under control but want to improve sales on and after event day. You will learn how to:

The online workshop will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and you can stop, start and rewind as many times as you like. You don’t
have to be tech savvy either – the session is delivered via our easy to use, step by step e-learning platform. Simply press the buy now button, put
in some basic contact details, process payment and your workshop content will be available straight away!

Enjoy the session in the comfort of your home at a time and pace that suits you best.

Live sessions of the Marketing Workshop, Operational Workshop and custom sessions are available for groups (of 10 or more) or via phone/facetime for individuals. Contact us for details.

Events and Markets Australia Director, Nat Buckingham facilitates the Stall Marketing Workshop. Nat is an award winning event and marketing manager with over decade of experience specialising in the stallholder scene. In additional to facilitating E+MA workshops, Nat works with Australian stallholders, event managers and government organisations to help showcase the benefits that events and markets offer makers and business communities.